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Underwriting Analytics

Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Insurance geospatial AI solution relies on optical and aperture radar (SAR) satellite imagery to provide insides and predictions for the insurance sector. With in-house developed AI algorithms insurers are given property evaluations for underwriting purposes. Properties are accurately detected as well as categorized to residential and commercial real estate. Roof state, covering type and area are provided in the SEMITA SPACE platform. Risks, such as tree coverage over roof, surrounding liabilities and debris are classified according to various criteria. Analytics is available for large areas in order to provide underwriting insights at scale, at any time and everywhere. Information is frequently updated providing alerts and saving on costs for on the ground inspections. Monetary benefits and accurate analytics at scale are the reason to choose SEMITA SPACE.

Risk and Claim Assessment

Prevent Ineligible Claims

Insurance operations at scale are regularly targeted by ineligible claims from customers. Regular and accurate insights for insured assets offer protection against unwanted financial depletion. Risks are assessed with advanced AI algorithms and constantly updated. In events of natural disasters possibilities of fraudulent activities arise. On the ground inspections of large scale areas are difficult and costly to implement. Geospatial AI solution allows for risk and eligible claim assessment via SEMITA SPACE platforms, while saving monetary resources. On the ground activities of insurance personnel are easier to organize to economically asses situations on in the field.

Property Analytics and Flood, Hail, Wind, Wildfire AI Detection

AI Analytics at Scale For Insurance Sector Maximizing Efficiency

Customized Platform

Web Based Software Solution

For each customer we customize web based platform to best suit the requirements. Our software always allows users to view accurate AI predictions on the most recent satellite imagery data. Customization for predictions of asset monitoring and analytic types is available for each of our solutions. Retrospective reports and databases are stored in the cloud allowing for better management practices. Statistics and simulations can be created in order to optimize the software and the earth based assets to the fullest. Users with different access types can be created in order to ensure only the qualified personnel get the required and valuable data. Emphasis is on reducing costs of on the ground inspections and analytics brought to the cloud based AI solution.

Emergency Responce

Risks and Damage Detection

Properties are analysed based on risk analytics, where hail and wind damage presents a liability. After damaging natural evets, damage detections also allow for accurate geospatial location estimations and claim assessments. Hail and wind risks are estimated according to property structures and weather characteristics in certain regions. Wildfires are detected and classified with powerful AI algorithms and accurate damage estimations can assist the insurance sector. Flood detection further supports the insurance operators. When large areas are affected by floods, damaged properties and assets are eligible for claims. On the ground inspections and insurance personnel are subjected to a lot of pressure. Satellite imagery provides insights to flooded areas and helps insurers to determine affected areas and potentially damaged property.