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Forest Analytics

Inventory and Monetary Value

Forestry geospatial AI solution combines optical and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite data with environmental data to bring accurate analysis for foresters. Frequent information on tree count, tree height, species and total calculated timber volume are available via SEMITA SPACE platform. Monetary value of timber according to custom set rates can be viewed for different areas of the forest assets. Frequency of updates is determined ahead of solution implementation in order to satisfy management needs. The essence of the solution is to regularly obtain data of forest inventory and its current real world value. Information serves also for other aspects of the forestry solution.

Harvesting and Production

Maximize Yield and Efficiency

Vital part of SEMITA SPACE forestry geospatial AI solution are accurate harvest recommendations for yield maximization and efficiency purposes. AI solution predicts the required volume, species type and locations where the harvest is required. On the ground inspections and analysis are replaced by web based AI solution customized to forest management needs. Aspects like tree health maturity are also taken into account to meet all the sustainability standards. The system automatically picks the best required harvest areas.

Mill Operations Planning Optimization

In order to ensure a mill to be competitive, an uninterrupted supply of raw material is utmost important. The supply needs to be correlated with the demand, which is especially difficult and expensive to physically evaluate and analyse. Our solution provides data correlated with the desired demand of where, how much and what species of trees to harvest in the most optimal and cost efficient way. When calculating costs of on the ground analysis and planning, such system presents a very cost efficient solution.

Forest Health Condition Detection and Alerts For In Time Response

Young Forest Management With Additional Vegetation Detection and Alerts

Catastrophe Analytics

Fire Assessment

Forest fires unfortunately are happening. Large amounts of timber and future yield are lost. With SEMITA SPACE forestry geospatial AI solution, affected areas are detected and classified with powerful AI algorithms. Foresters can plan and deploy salvage teams efficiently due to valuable feedback from our system, to ensure the maximum salvage yield before it deteriorates. Accurate location of damage is also outlined in our platform. Damage assessment with correlated monetary value lost is available as well. Before and after analysis with all the statistics also helps management with their response. Moreover, percentage of affected area and damage priority levels help foresters with ground asset deployment.

Storm Assessment

After catastrophe hits, forests get damaged. With SEMITA SPACE AI solution affected areas are recognized immediately and damage is assessed. Immediate response of ground teams is of key importance in order to salvage as much affected timber as possible. With accurate geospatial data, foresters can plan and deploy salvage teams regarding the priority levels of damage and location. Assets are analysed by the means of forest volume and correlated monetary value for operations management purposes. Accidents like fallen trees, broken tree tops and ice rain damage can be accurately detected with our AI algorithms. Percentage of affected area and damage priority levels are presented as well.

Customized Platform

Web Based Software Solution

For each customer we customize web based platform to best suit the requirements. Our software always allows users to view accurate AI predictions on the most recent satellite imagery data. Customization for predictions of asset monitoring and analytic types is available for each of our solutions. Retrospective reports and databases are stored in the cloud allowing for better management practices. Statistics and simulations can be created in order to optimize the software and the earth based assets to the fullest. Users with different access types can be created in order to ensure only the qualified personnel get the required and valuable data. Emphasis is on reducing costs of on the ground inspections and analytics brought to the cloud based AI solution.

Carbon Footprint

Sustainable Forest Management

For sustainable forest management carbon footprint is an important factor. Planning of deforestation and reforestation requires data on carbon stock in the forest assets. With satellite data and our AI algorithms we can corelate the number of trees, height of trees and the forest volume to carbon stock values. In our platform users can make simulations of harvesting to predict the carbon footprint if a section of forest would be harvested or re-planted. Statistics about carbon footprint are also available. Determining values of vast forest areas can be difficult and that is where AI geospatial intelligence comes into play.