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Electric Utilities

Management and Infrastructure Safety

Energy geospatial AI solution uses optical and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite data with environment information for electric utilities analytics. Infrastructure management and constant electricity supply are utmost important for successful business practices. Vegetation monitoring and disaster alerts like storm and fire threats are available on SEMITA SPACE platform. Non-distributed electricity largely affects operators, due to lost revenues and compensation expenses. In house developed AI algorithms combined with frequent satellite data allow for accurate estimations and emergency alerts. Traditional monitoring methods of drone and helicopter inspections are replaced by state of the art AI geospatial analytics and predictions.

Vegetation Monitoring

Vegetation Hazard Analytics

Vegetation presents a hazard to electricity supply for operators. Our AI algorithms are able to accurately locate the utilities and offer predictions of vegetation risks. Overgrown trees in the ways of infrastructure can cause damage and interrupt supply. The danger of nearby tree fall is also analysed and reported in the SEMITA SPACE platform. Changes in the vegetation are monitored precisely in order to offer operators the possibility of efficiently managing the infrastructure and its surroundings. Costly on the ground surveys and air inspections are replaced by satellite imagery and advanced AI system, combined in the unified custom platform.

Emergency Response AI Analytics For Contingency Management

AI Predictions Maximizing Efficiency and Preventing Unwanted Occurrences

Customized Platform

Web Based Software Solution

For each customer we customize web based platform to best suit the requirements. Our software always allows users to view accurate AI predictions on the most recent satellite imagery data. Customization for predictions of asset monitoring and analytic types is available for each of our solutions. Retrospective reports and databases are stored in the cloud allowing for better management practices. Statistics and simulations can be created in order to optimize the software and the earth based assets to the fullest. Users with different access types can be created in order to ensure only the qualified personnel get the required and valuable data. Emphasis is on reducing costs of on the ground inspections and analytics brought to the cloud based AI solution.

Fire Risks

Organize and Salvage Resources

Forest fires, dough unfortunate occurrences, happen from time to time. Often electric utilities are affected by wildfires, triggering serious insurance claims and operator compensation expenses. With SEMITA SPACE energy geospatial AI solution, affected areas are detected and analysed with AI algorithms. Operators are given a cost efficient solution to fire caused damage salvation. Electric power lines are forming infrastructure through vast forest and natural areas. When fire strikes, monetary expenses are high for the aspect of on the ground operations management. A satellite imaging based solution offers quick geospatial alerts, helping with the operations organization.