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Agriculture Analytics

Management of Agriculture Operations

Agriculture geospatial AI solution provides agriculture producers with advanced analytics and predictions to maximize yield and reduce costs. Inputs are predicted in an optimal manner and outputs can be adjusted to fulfil production processing requirements. Optical, synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and meteorological data is combined with our in house developed AI algorithms to deliver accurate predictions and recommendations for agriculture management. Frequently updated information is available directly via SEMITA SPACE platform. Information and analytics about accurate harvest locations serves operators to better manage working processes and achieve greater production and financial performance. Traditional costly on the ground or aerial surveys can be replaced by cost efficient satellite based geospatial AI solution.

Yield Maximization

Benefits and Production Efficiency

SEMITA SPACE agriculture geospatial AI solution utilizes in house developed algorithms to provide managers with the relevant data to maximize production yield and efficiency. During the crop growth phases constant AI analysis offer crop monetary value predictions for managerial financial planning purposes. During the harvest season optimal times and locations are predicted in order to achieve maximum yields. Satellite data combined with meteorological data and predictions deliver insights for optimal harvest patterns. Inputs to the agriculture process and monitoring of crop growth patterns can be accurately predicted with our AI analytics.

Optimizing Processes From Soil Preparation to Harvesting With AI

AI Analytics for All Stages of Crop Growth With Regular Checks

Customized Platform

Web Based Software Solution

For each customer we customize web based platform to best suit the requirements. Our software always allows users to view accurate AI predictions on the most recent satellite imagery data. Customization for predictions of asset monitoring and analytic types is available for each of our solutions. Retrospective reports and databases are stored in the cloud allowing for better management practices. Statistics and simulations can be created in order to optimize the software and the earth based assets to the fullest. Users with different access types can be created in order to ensure only the qualified personnel get the required and valuable data. Emphasis is on reducing costs of on the ground inspections and analytics brought to the cloud based AI solution.

All Season Benefits

Planning With AI Predictions

SEMITA SPACE agriculture geospatial AI solution is utilized throughout the whole year. It offers benefits not only for in season AI analytics and management, but also for off season operations. Possible reforestation in the cultivating fields is detected and alerts are sent to the SEMITA SPACE platform where they can be monitored at any time. Ground operations can be managed efficiently to achieve optimal conditions for the agriculture season. Simulations for crop quantities and yields can be conducted right in the platform. Financial and quantitative planning for required inputs as well as for predicted outputs is also possible.