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Company Presentation


SEMITA SPACE as part of TAB SYSTEMS Inc. is a producer and developer of advanced geospatial AI software solutions for earth operations management from space. Frequent satellite imagery provides valuable data sets for in-house developed AI algorithms to analyse, predict and advise actions for large scale asset management. Solutions for forestry, energy, agriculture and insurance industries offer insights for operators to oversee vast areas and points of interest. Data analysis executed with the AI software tools, provides businesses relevant information to take appropriate actions and plan their strategies with utmost efficiency.


Mission Statement

We are on a mission to enable businesses to realize higher potential and sustainable operations. By using satellite earth observation data, combined with our state of the art machine learning and AI customized software products, we can provide cost efficient management of large scale assets. Vast areas and points of interest are analysed in a glimpse and offer our customers a value for their investment.

Vision Statement

To provide tools for large scale asset management and control with the use of satellite imagery and cutting-edge technology. To contribute to sustainability in business and natural environment by continuously developing and producing the best AI algorithms and software for accurate satellite earth observation data utilization.


Forest analytics and predictions for utmost sustainable and profitable operations.


Oversight and efficient management of vegetation and emergencies for electric utilities.


Predictions, management and harvest yield maximization for agriculture applications.


Automated accurate risk assessment, claim analytics and insurance data verification.


Custom geospatial AI solutions adapted to specific needs in various sectors.